Nagtibba: Camping, Trekking, Biking in a weekend

view from nagtibba

Nagtibba, also famous as serpents peak, with an altitude of 3,022 meters (9,915 ft) is the highest peak of the lower Himalayas. Nagtibba trek is one of the perfect ways to quench the thirst of an adventurer, who is looking for an easy and safe trip.

Traveling to Nagtibba was like a dream coming true for me. It is a weekend trek, from Dehradun and Delhi can easily be reached by road till Pantwari that is 90 KM from Dehradun and 55 KM from Mussoorie. Further, from Pantwari it is a trek of just 8 KM. Experiencing the majestic view of Himalayan peaks such as Bandarpoonch peak, Gangotri peak, kalanagg or Black peak and Swargarohini was nothing less than a blessing.

Journey to Nagtibba

Mussoorie at 5 AM

We departed from Dehradun at 5 AM on three bikes, reach Mussoorie at 6 AM, halted for a refreshing cup of tea. A beautiful sunrise, a cup of hot tea and fresh morning blows of wind add the soothing vibes of the place. Half an hour later we left for our further destination. We reach Pantwari at 9:30 AM after passing through Kempty Falls, Yamuna Bridge, Nainbagh market on our way. The milky white Yamuna seemed to be the epitome of purity and never looked so clean. In Pantwari we met our guide Sushil, had breakfast and got ready for the trek.

The Trek

Goat village on the way
Goat village in the way

We start our trek at 11 AM though it wasn’t easy to trek in the hills after travelling on bikes. However, the scenic beauty of the Himalayas and mother nature helped us cover the trek. After climbing some trek we reach the Goat Village. It is one of the typical hilly villages in the natural estate where all kinds of seasonal fruits, vegetables are grown (100% organic). Around 3 PM we were at the Nagtibba base camp. It was a great pleasure and sublime feel to reach there. It is truly said that one can witness the nature only by being within nature. The hot and sizzling Maggi with a cup of tea added to the delight.

Jhandi Top

View from Jhandi Top

After spending some time in the base-camp we trailed to the Jhandi top that is the highest peak in the trek. Our guide Mr. Sushil couldn’t accompany us, as he had to make arrangements for camping, bonfire and dinner. The two KM trek to the Jhandi top was the toughest of all. It started raining as soon as we covered half of our trek, making it even tougher. But, with our determination, we managed to reach the top. Everything was covered with fog because of which the view was not clear. We decided to wait and lit some fire after struggling with the wet woods. Finally, after sometime view was clear and we were mesmerizing the view of mother nature. We stayed there until sunset.

Bonfire, Music and Dinner

Camp site

When we reach the campsite we find that the tents were set up and the bonfire was ready. We had tea and gathered around the bonfire. Chit chatting, singing and interactive sessions made us meet people from different regions of the country. During dinner, we were served with delicious Rajma Chawal (Kidney Bean and Rice). Sleeping in tents under open sky was really amazing.

A fresh Morning

breakfast: Parathe with pickle and curd
breakfast: Parathe with pickle and curd

Adjoining to our camp was Nag Devta temple, what a beautiful holy way to start our day with. Then, around 8 AM we had Paranthe, Achar and Dahi (Curd) for breakfast. Around 9 AM we descended to Pantwari through the same route. On our way, we spotted a herd of sheep grazing in the fields, one of which seemed as if it was posing for a photograph so we click. We also met some villagers in the Goat village, who welcomed and treated us with pahadi cuisine and fruits specially Kakdi (or Armenian Cucumber). We even purchased a few varieties of pahadi pulses from there. Around 12 noon we reach Pantwari and after spending some time in the small market, we started out with our bikes and left the town.

Sheep posing in calm

Concluding Thoughts

The journey tired my body, but refreshed my soul. I just forget my stress, chaos in mind, and all my problems. We always need a change in our lives. Nature heals us from the scars that our tight scheduled life gives us. So, this is my travel story which I could cherish my whole life. And, I never forget to pride myself as pahadi. Nagtibba trekker’s paradise and an adventure you never regret going out. I did it. Now it’s your turn.

Written By:  Ankit Raturi

Edited By: Aarushi Raturi

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